David Stewart Photography | Portrait Photography Services


I offer distinctive portraits for a variety of uses, including personal social media profile pictures, portfolio headshots, glamour, and corporate or business portraits.


Portrait sessions often become a mix of candid and posing. Some people know how to pose automatically, or have a clear sense of what they want to look like. Others look to me for guidance, either in achieving a particular kind of look, or trusting me to guide them in every respect. In all cases, we will find the optimal pose, lighting, angle, and distance for you to look great.


My personal portrait photography tends to be just that: personal. I want a location where you feel comfortable, and I want the picture to convey something about you – your passion, how you relax, what you feel or think or do or care about. For certain portrait types, there is room to create a powerful or personal portrait, depending on what you need or want the photograph to convey.


Please feel free to view full size versions of my Portrait photography in my portfolio, or contact me so we can discuss how we can capture fantastic portraits. Both options are on the site menu.