David Stewart Photography | Limited Edition Prints Frequently Asked Questions

Perfect Blue Dream - 15 remaining - up to 24x36 print. Metal print recommended.Perfect Blue Dream - 15 remaining - up to 24x36 print. Metal print recommended.


Limited Edition Prints, and how they work


Why are Limited Edition Prints only available as prints?

Having a pretty desktop wallpaper is great but I find I don't see my desktop all that much when I'm working. Sure, it's pretty to look at for a few seconds before clicking off that page or opening a program to do something. But I don't know anyone who goes to their computer just to look at their desktop wallpaper. Which is why print is so important. The image becomes less of a momentary distraction on your way to somewhere else, and more of what it is intended to be: something that I hope the beholder makes as much a part of their space as creating it is part of me. Something to stop and really look at, and see.

These are my best images, and I want you to enjoy viewing them as much as I enjoyed creating them.


Why are the number of prints available for purchase limited?

I could sell as many copies as I can, or license a picture out to stock so it could be bought in any corner drugstore or for cheap on any website. But looking at how that freely available boy I really hope it goes viral model has affected the value and creativity of photography (as it has almost every other creative fueled endeavor) makes me want to throw up quite frankly. The model guts and bastardizes the creative landscape by turning it into a consumption game and that isn't why I do this. I put the Limited Edition Prints idea together before I heard about what Wu Tang are doing with their The Wu - Once Upon A Time In Shaolin album (thanks to Daniel Guzman for the heads up). They feel that music has been devalued, among many other reasons, and in response have crafted this double album with art in mind. Only one copy of it will ever be sold, though it will be up to whoever buys it if they want to resell copies of it.

The difference between what they are doing and what I am doing is that I am offering more copies (15 to be exact) of each Limited Edition Print, and each is only available in print format where reproduction by any means is not allowed. Also, I'm not Wu Tang, but then you probably noticed that already.


How are the Limited Edition Prints organized?

They are arranged by themes, in different albums. Clicking on any of the album names will take you into a specific album, which will display large thumbnails of the photographs within them. Clicking on any of those thumbnails takes you to a large size version of the photograph. You can start a slideshow from the album, or the picture gallery page. A buy button appears on the top right when viewing the full sized picture, and is also on the Menu button that appears when you hover your cursor over the picture itself.


I'm not sure what ratio (20x30, 24x36, etc.) would be best for a given picture. Can you help?

Absolutely. Give me the picture name (which appears below it) or copy the link for that picture into an email when you Contact me and I'll be happy to provide optimal size and ratio suggestions. Over time I will be working through the collection and listing optimal size/ratios in the description section underneath each photograph.


Is 24"x36" the largest print size you offer on any picture?

That depends on what medium you would like it printed on, and if the larger print size will not compromise print quality. If you would like to discuss a larger print, please contact me and I'll be happy to discuss possibilities, and make arrangements for a larger print size than is available direct from my website.


I want something printed on Kodak metallic paper, or on wood. Can you do that for me?

I would be happy to discuss print medium possibilities other than those available direct from my website. Please contact me to discuss possibilities and arrangements.


What's this watermark? That won't appear in the print will it?

No. The watermark doesn't even appear on the picture file itself, it is an overlay placed on top of the picture by my website host to discourage casual picture theft.


What if something happens to my copy of a print?

Contact me to discuss and I'll work with you to get you a replacement print (you will be responsible for print costs). I may ask for pictures, or other proof/evidence it was destroyed, stolen, or eaten by Godzilla.


Why does this print cost so much more than another one that has sold fewer copies?

  • When there are 15 copies available, the photograph price is $150 plus print costs for your choice of medium and size.
  • When 11 to 14 copies are available, the photograph price increases by $25 each time, plus print costs for your choice of medium and size. For example, copy #14 would be $175 + print costs. Copy #13 would be $200 + print costs, and so on.
  • When 6 to 10 copies are available, the photograph price increases by $50 plus print costs for your choice of medium and size. For example, copy #10 would be $300 + print costs. Copy #9 would be $350 + print costs, and so on.
  • When 2 to 5 copies remain, the photograph price increases by $100 + print costs for your choice of medium and size. For example copy #5 would cost $600 + print costs. Copy #4 would cost $700 + print costs, and so on.
  • Copy #1 doubles in price, and I will pay print costs for any size/medium available on my website. If it needs to be replaced for any reason you pay print costs.

Basically, the longer you wait, the more it will cost.


What do you mean by photograph price and print costs?

  • Photograph price: comes to me directly. Well, after taxes.
  • Print costs: the cost of printing in the medium/size of your choice, transaction fees, and website platform cost (i.e. the delivery mechanism).


What happens if I buy more than one copy?

That depends on the situation. All print orders come to me for final review before the order is finalized. If you want to order multiple copies of the same item, it is probably best to Contact me so we can discuss.


What happens if two people order the same picture around the same time?

I will look at who placed their order first, then contact the second (or any subsequent) person, let them know the threshold was crossed, and ask if they want to order the item at the higher price. If not, the order can easily be cancelled (all orders come to me to be finalized before going to the print lab).


What happens if there is a problem with my order, or my print arrives damaged?

Part of why I chose the website platform I did (and through that, the print vendors) is that the vendors back their service with guarantees that they will replace or fix prints with print defects, or print orders that arrive damaged or incomplete. If you have any problems with an order, please Contact me so I can get it taken care of.


Do you take returns?

I do not have a physical gallery at this time so would not be able to do anything with it. You will get the print you wanted, but the sale is final.