David Stewart Photography | Event Photography Services


Memorable Event Photography in the New York City area is my specialty. I am particularly adept at photographing parties, bars, cocktail and liquor events, promotion and launch events, etc. and can operate in both fully planned formal events, as well as more chaotic informal settings.


I strive to capture events with a friendly but respectful demeanor in a documentary style, depicting the flow or timeline of the event. I aim to capture moments, personalities, and details that allow the viewer to experience (or re-experience) what it was like to be there. I am also fully capable of working from a predetermined shot-list to ensure every photograph you need is documented, including important guests or group shots, valued sponsor personalities, displays, or donated supplies and items, as well as food and drink, and any scheduled events such as special shows, gifts, cakes, announcements, performances, etc.


I can also assist an experienced wedding photographer as a second shooter or assistant, to ensure no moment is left undocumented.


Please feel free to view full size versions of my event photography in my portfolio, or contact me so we can discuss how I can be of service. Both options are on the site menu.