David Stewart Photography | The Lost and Found Show: Keys

The Lost and Found Show: Keys

June 13, 2014

There's more than one kind of key. Depending where you are there may even be a Karen.


It's funny the things I'm reminded of while at The Lost and Found Show, and the Keys Edition was no exception.

When living in London, I stayed in several bedsits and shared houses. Back then cellphones were still largely an expensive novelty and I had a land line.


The phone wasn't quite this old but it was close


I tended to work long hours back then, and get up early in the morning (a practice I've never grown fond of) but left the phone plugged in at the wall in case there was ever urgent news from home.

Late one night, I received a phone call. Naturally, because I had a room to myself, my phone was right next to my bed. Annoyed, I picked up thinking it was a relative in a different time zone (something my mom used to do all the time), but instead, someone asked me if I could send someone out.

Send who where why may have been my exact response. Admittedly, I'm not the most erudite of souls when woken at two in the morning. The person repeated the question, slowly, as if talking to someone inordinately daft. Which to be fair, they were. At the time. Mostly.

Then they asked me something odd. "Are you the locksmiths?"

Of course I replied no. I'd wanted to learn how to pick locks on a whim once, but had never followed through so I didn't think that qualified.

They apologized, hung up, end of story.



The next night it happened again. Twice.

The night after that, it happened three times. By the third call I was wide awake and thought to ask what number they were calling. And when I rolled out and used a pay phone to call it myself, I got a message that I was being connected to the after hours emergency number. I was not particularly surprised to hear my answering machine pickup.

Some cheeky monkey had put my number in as the forwarding number for a 24 hour emergency Locksmith. One phone call the following day cleared it up, but being the paranoid type I still started unplugging the land line before I went to sleep. I figured if someone died, they'd still be dead in the morning, and I could be told about it then.


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