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The Lost and Found Show: Books

May 15, 2014


Though I read most of my books on tablets these days, my old scruffy friends called paperbacks still evoke potent memories of how they smell, how the pages feel beneath my fingertips, the sense of anticipation that builds because you are nearing the end of the book - a preparation to say goodbye begins as the remaining pages grow fewer. In that sense, endings in books read on tablets can often feel abrupt, even if you do have a gauge at the bottom of the screen showing how much of a percentage you have read. Because reading isn't about percentages. It's about feeling. I lost count of how many times I would simply open a book and literally bury my nose in it for the smell of the paper. New books had a particular scent. Old books would have mellowed and if they had been given to me I would sometimes wonder where they had come from and who had read or owned them before.



If not for fiction, and the many, many worlds contained within books, I probably would have gone insane at some point. 

Ok. Insaner. Yes I know that's not a word. Yet.


Last night The Lost and Found Show Books Edition got picked up and thumbed through downstairs at the gallery at Le Poisson Rouge. And if you missed it, you missed one of the best shows to date. With an incredibly talented lineup featuring Michael Maiello, Christina Fitzpatrick, Thomas Pryor and Tim O'Mara as well as an hilarious trivia round, and a fascinating Q&A with Gabriel Levinson from Antibookclub and Nile Southern (the son of Terry Southern, who is working with Antibookclub to bring no less than three Terry Southern projects to fruition). A huge thank you to Lit Crawl NYC and St. Mark's Bookshop for sponsoring and providing the prizes for the trivia contest.

  • Lit Crawl NYC are hosting Lit Crawl Brooklyn 2014 this Saturday. Lit Crawl is a bar crawl, with literature. You should go. Because, you know, books. And alcohol.
  • St. Mark's bookshop, which has been around since 1977, has to move. Unfortunately that takes money (quite a bit of it) and they have an Indiegogo campaign to raise the funds. Perks for helping start with a $25 gift certificate for donating $25, and go up from there.


The next theme object for the June show is Keys. Submissions are still open for the July show. Submission details are here.


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  • Full size versions and prints are also available for purchase here on my website. They'll print on anything from paper to coffee mugs and t-shirts. Hell, I'm pretty sure they'll print your visage on the side of a sprinting T-Rex if you pay them enough to do it.


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