David Stewart Photography | Lit Crawl Brooklyn 2014

Lit Crawl Brooklyn 2014

May 19, 2014

Lit Crawl Brooklyn 2014


This last Saturday, May 17th, I attended a Lit Crawl for the first time. I had initially intended to just check out the event because a few friends (either personal friends, and/or friends of The Lost and Found Show, such as Liar's League NYC run by Andrew Lloyd-Jones) were either involved with producing shows in different time phases of the crawl, or were reading. 


If you're not familiar with Lit Crawl, deciding whether to go is easily accomplished by answering yes to any of the following questions:

  1. Do you like literature (reading or writing or both)?
  2. Do you like drinking?
  3. Does 1 + 2 sound like you've wandered into nirvana and the phrase, "Tell me more..." is on your lips?


It was a gorgeous day to erratically (or even purposefully) meander from venue to venue that covered a broad spectrum of locations: everywhere from bars to art galleries, bookstores, and the Dassara Brooklyn Ramen restaurant, finishing up at 61 Local for the after party which began at 8pm.


A laundromat makes perfect sense for this event, given how much reading gets done there already.


The experience of shooting the event was by nature chaotic despite planning my route beforehand. I had 45 minutes of showtime in each phase to try and capture as much as I could, and move from show to show, which left me with (roughly) 15 minutes to get to a location and shoot before moving on to the next. Because I have not yet worked out the trick of cloning myself (and my equipment), this means I was unfortunately limited to around three events per phase, except for a couple of very quick drop-ins I managed to squeeze in during phase three. That was the plan anyway. As with most events once everything begins to unfold plans often scatter to the wind (whether entirely or partially) and whether you, quite frankly, give a damn or not.


I want to thank Suzanne Russo of Lit Crawl for the opportunity to shoot an incredibly eclectic event. Many of the venues were fascinating - either because of the space itself (like Micro Museum) or because they are unexpected locations for a literary reading.


Such as the Bodega show Meet The Authors, held at Musician's General Store. Because while song can be a story, it is clearly not a book.


Thank you to Daniel Guzman (host of The Lost and Found Show... you should go... hint hint... it's a great show... hint hint...) for opening the dialogue that led to the opportunity. The dude is so classy he even wears a suit when he is wearing a T-shirt.


You probably thought I was kidding, didn't you?


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All that said, there are two albums:

  • Free for personal and self promotion use versions with discreet watermarks that should not be removed are available on Facebook
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