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The Lost and Found Show: Cameras

April 17, 2014

The very first Lost and Found Show was Hats at Happy Ending at the beginning of 2013. I remember it well because everyone showed up with a hat. Except me. I was hatless. In a sea of hats. So when the Cameras theme came up, I felt well prepared to be thematically correct. I have a very large closet at home that contains more photographic equipment than clothes. I have drawers full of flags, scrims, battery chargers, lights, flashes, studio strobes, light stands, etc. I have (at last count) four bags that are specifically designed to carry camera gear, and that's not counting large rolling suitcases I've adapted to carry my bigger stuff.

Naturally, I brought very little of that to the show. I did bring my trusty 5D Mk III, my 24-70 2.8 Mk II, 70-200 2.8 Mk II and as much as I could fit into one bag. I've learned restraint you see. Kind of. Sometimes.

I was very happy to see (le) Poisson Rouge had changed the art on the walls downstairs in the gallery, including a fantastic backdrop on the stage. People could not stop touching it. Highly tactile exhibit. Naturally I love it because it's so colorful.


we-yoo we-yoo we-yoo

After the last War of the Worlds failed miserably because of a missed flu shot, the martian invasion strategy now depends on making themselves irresistible to touch and hanging out on walls. I don't know why.

The passive-aggressive tactics of the Martians notwithstanding, this was an absolutely amazing show. A fantastic crowd with very funny, talented and heartfelt pieces made for one of the best shows to date. That said, I'm still trying to get the image of a bloody llama penis out of my head.

See? You should have been there. Then you would know what that statement meant and how awesome the show was.

Better agree on the awesome part or we'll shoot you with a 9, er, I mean 8mm

You can find more information about this event on the Cameras Show page at The Lost and Found Show website.

The deal with my pictures, and using them:

If you are in the picture, use it for any personal purposes you want to. Any performers can use pictures they are in for any self promotional purposes they like. If you want to do something with any of my pictures and money changes hands for (or because of) the picture, you need to talk to me (i.e. no commercial use, other than self promotion, for anyone appearing in the picture). If you’re not sure, ask.

Do not alter my images, especially the watermark. It’s how people can find me if they like what they see. If you need a copy without the watermark for something, talk to me.

Crediting me, listing my website and/or linking to me on Facebook on each picture is appreciated.

If you tag me on a post where you upload multiple pictures, they don’t save on the pictures and the creator/creation link gets lost. If you do it on each picture description (copy and paste works), they skip happily down the years, hand in hand. Or something. If you make one of these your profile picture, be advised Facebook essentially creates a new copy that is not linked unless you specifically tag me on that new copy.

All that said, there are two albums:

  • Free for personal and self promotion use versions with discreet watermarks that should not be removed are available on Facebook
  • Full size versions and prints are also available for purchase here on my website. Coffee mugs, t-shirts, hell I'm pretty sure they'll even print your visage on the side of a sprinting T-rex if you pay them enough to do it.

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